Look and
Feel Younger.

We all start out with beautiful skin.
The challenge is how to keep it that way.

Introducing the First Anti-Aging Solution to Use the CoppeRx Smart System

The CoppeRx system combines copper infused cream and woven copper fabric in a 1-2 punch that puts copper to work for your skin around the clock. Copper is as essential to human health as calcium, iron, and zinc.  Present in our bodies from conception, copper is critical to maintaining the collagen and elastin levels in our skin, which in turn make our skin firmer, more elastic, and younger looking.

What are the benefits of using the CoppeRx system?

We will not tell you that the CoppeRx delivery system will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or that it will make your skin look and feel younger, more vibrant, more luminous. But if you watch our video “What Is Real”, you will find women just like you saying it.

Skin Care

What makes CoppeRx cream work is simple. We utilize a proprietary blend of copper and yeast. Think of your skin as the shingles on the roof of a house. Our yeast gently separates those shingles to allow our coppers to get in and do their work. Then, the shingles are closed to keep the benefits flowing inside.

The Cream

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The patented CuTEC® copper fiber fabric mimics on the surface of the skin what the copper cream is doing beneath the skin. The fabric is contoured to the skin to ensure maximum coverage and traps moisture to release a continuous stream of copper ions, creating maximum skin health and wellness.

The Fabric

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“Right away I noticed that I got a little bit of that glow back, a little bit of that dewey, nice sparkle in my skin.”— LISA

“I ran into a friend who I see about once a week, and yesterday she wanted to know why I looked so much younger lately.”— JANICE

“I know it’s working because I noticed a smooth finish around my eyes.”— CHERYL

Results Video
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The CoppeRx Smart System delivers a continuous flow of copper ions to the skin where it’s needed most.

  • Crow’s Feet – Visibly Diminshed
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles – Less Noticeable
  • Upper Eye Lids – Visibly Lifted
  • Dark Circles & Puffiness Under Eyes – Appear Reduced
  • Texture & Pores – Visibly Improved
  • Mottled Pigmentation & Spots – Less Noticeable
Science Video

“The CoppeRx Smart System delivers copper through an innovative pathway to where it needs to be in the biologically relevant layers of the skin.” — MICHAEL ANTHONAVAGE, Skin Care Biologist

Copper X Works

Eye Cream & Mask Combo

Neck Cream & Wrap Combo

Face Cream

Eye Cream

Neck Cream

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Promoting beautiful skin for 5,000 years and counting…

Recent clinical studies have shown that copper contributes to the clearing and renewal of fractured collagen, making it an excellent ingredient for those who wish to improve the look of sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, and scars. CoppeRx has turned these studies into reality.

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